From the very beginning of our socialisation, women are taught to never be “too” anything. Don’t be too bossy, or too loud, or too promiscuous, or too opinionated. We are told that if we want people to listen to us, we must strike this perfect balance of delicateness, intelligence, and purity. Cross any of those lines, and you immediately enter dangerous territory. Your words, no matter how well spoken, will be heard through the filter of a woman: hormone crazed and pretentious.

Well I am here to say fuck you society. We need to move past the notion that women can’t have real opinions unless it is about lipstick or baking. We cannot continue to silence half of our population. Today, it is beyond important that we are raising young women that will stand up for themselves and not take the shit that has been dished out on their mothers and grandmothers for generations past. We deserve to be heard, and our words deserve to be thoughtfully considered. I am not here to appease you. I am here to challenge your way of thinking, to show you a new perspective. And if someone has a problem with that, I can always quote the amazing Amy Poehler, in saying: “I don’t fucking care if you like it.”




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